21 Best Esthetician Schools Online in 2022: Courses, Fees and Certification

21 Best Esthetician Schools Online

In this article, we will be reviewing some of the best aesthetician schools. You might wonder why we are so interested in some of these top schools. Well, for one, we are in a time when beauty can signify anything. And this is where an aesthetician comes in.

Online schools are a great way to gain knowledge, training, and proper certification without all the restrictions and hassles of a conventional school. 

Esthetics meaning beauty is a branch of Cosmetology that specializes in the beautification of the skin.


An Esthetician course offers training in skin treatments, nail tech, facials, massages, steaming, waxing, and a lot more

Although, traditional degrees are a lot more popular and widely accepted by most employers and companies compared to online qualifications.

Though it’s a bit tricky and painstaking to find good online Esthetician courses since they require a balance of practical and theoretical knowledge; so here are 21 of the best and most highly recommended online Esthetician schools in 2022 along with their certification, tuition fees, and course duration


On completion all the schools listed below offer

  1. A basic certificate of completion competence
  2. A professional Bachelor’s certificate
  3. National Diploma of Higher Education
  4. Master degree

 All depending on the qualification being pursued 

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What Is an Aesthetician?

As you may have deduced from the above paragraphs, an aesthetician is a specialist who does cosmetic skin treatments to improve the appearance of the skin. They excel at providing the appropriate therapy for each skin type.

An aesthetician provides services like facials, exfoliation, chemical peels, waxing, taking, etc. An aesthetician’s job is to offer clients the look they want.

Below is an outline of the responsibility of an aesthetician:

  • Provide high-quality facial treatments for skin problems.
  • Advise clients and recommend therapies based on their specific needs.
  • Massage the face and scalp for therapeutic or calming purposes.
  • Hair removal using exfoliation, waxing, threading, or chemical methods.
  • Makeup/makeovers and makeup applications for special occasions
  • Extraction of blackheads from the face.
  • Apply face and body masks, wraps, sugar and salt washes, compression wraps, and so on.

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Does An Aestician Need a License?

Yes, all aestheticians need a license before they can practice. In fact, in a regulated society, a license is needed for every occupation.

To become a licensed aesthetician, you must first verify the unique requirements in your state, but one thing is universal: you must be trained or complete an apprenticeship.


Attending an aesthetic school is becoming more accepted. Following the training or apprenticeship, you must provide proof, sit for the board exam, pass, and pay a license fee. This then qualifies you for a license to practice in the state. And, if you pass the national interstate council of state boards of cosmetology exam, you will be able to practice your trade across the country.

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These are the 21 Best Esthetician Schools Online

1. Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy (ASFA)

The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy offers 4 facial courses that are taught online by professionals.

These classes come with one-year free access to the given online resources


Tuition: Tuition for ASFA Facial academy ranges from 200 USD to 800 USD depending on the professional qualification and course.

2. JD Academy of Salon and Spa

Formerly known as W Academy of Salon and Spa, it is a credited online beauty school that offers majors in Cosmetology, Esthetician courses inclusive. 

JD Academy offers flexible learning hours with full-time and part-time courses with a completion time of 4 months 


Tuition: Tuition is 6000 USD per annum

3. Orange Technical College West Side Campus

Orange Technical College offers accredited online Esthetician courses

Tuition: 5000 to 7000 USD for Esthetician courses. 


Completion time varies depending on the course

4. Penn Foster High School

Penn Foster High School is a nationally and regionally accredited online school that offers a wide range of online courses including Esthetician courses

The course duration ranges from 3 months to about 1 year depending on qualification.


Tuition: Penn Foster High School Tuition is 79 USD per credit for all semester.

5. West Tennessee Business College

West Tennessee Business College is an accredited business college offering training in 31 qualifications.

They offer a range of beautician courses including Esthetician courses with a completion period.


Tuition: Tuition ranges from 8000 to 23000 dollars depending on course and qualification.

6. West Georgia Technical College

West Georgia Technical College offers an esthetician program that offers esthetic training for entry-level students with a minimum of 33 credit hours

Tuition: Tuition is paid per credit hour at the rate of 100 dollars per credit.


7. Victory’s Academy of Cosmetology

Victory’s Academy of Cosmetology is a small institution with an enrollment of 74 undergraduates.

They offer Cosmetology and Massage courses 20 hours a week.

Tuition: Tuition is 14,450 USD annually


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8. Aveda Institute 

Aveda Institute offers aesthetic training with an average completion time of 14 months

Tuition: Average tuition fee is 14,349 USD annually


9. University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts

The University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts is an accredited private university that offers programs in esthiology.

Tuition: The tuition fee is 17000 USD annually

Program duration requires 750 hours


10. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is a public community college that offers a range of courses that include online beautician courses

Tuition: Average tuition fees sum up to 10000 USD annually without financial aid

11. Universal Career School

 The Universal Career School owned by the Universal Beauty School incorporation is a small institution with an enrollment of 609 undergraduates


 They offer esthetician and cosmetology programs with an average completion time of 8 months.

 Tuition: The tuition fees for Esthetician programs are 6900 USD annually

12. Paul Mitchell Schools

Paul Mitchell Schools is a beauty school with a nationwide network of over a hundred schools


Completion time ranges from about 8 months to 1 year depending on qualification

They offer several Esthetician and Beautician courses.

Tuition: 8750 USD annually


13. Empire Beauty Schools

Empire Beauty Schools is an online accredited school that offers 600 hours of training to receive an Esthetician License in completion

Tuition: Tuition fees are 1620 USD annually

14. Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics

Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics is a small institution with an enrollment of 169 undergrads per semester. 


Completion time ranges from 10 hours to 1 year depending on qualification

Tuition: 13,819 USD annually

15. Ogle School of Hair Skin and Nails 

Ogle School of Hair Skin and Nails is a beauty school with an enrollment of 375 undergrads per semester. 


The school offers training in 4 programs with 2 qualifications including a Texas Cosmetology License

They offer flexible learning hours with a completion time of 5 months to one year depending on qualification. 

Tuition: 14000 USD annually


16. Mirage Spa Education

Mirage Spa Education is the number one online beauty school in Canada

Mirage Spa Education Inc offers online training for a series of beautician courses including esthiology.

The tuition varies by course with a time duration of 9 months for course completion


17. Evergreen Beauty College

Evergreen Beauty College is a beauty institute recognized on an international level. 

Their Basic Esthetics program takes 7 and half months for completion and 4 months extra training for a Master Esthetics 

Tuition: 17,220 USD annually


18. Nima Institute

Nima Institute of Medial Esthetics is a nationally accredited school that offers training of 1200 and 750 hours for a Master Esthetics qualification

Tuition: 11,000 to 16,500 USD annually

19. International School of Beauty

International School of Beauty offers 6 beauty courses/ vocational programs


The school has an admission rate of 127 undergraduates per semester

Completion time ranges from 2 hours to 4 years depending on qualification

Tuition: The tuition fee of the largest program is 17600 USD annually


 20. Udemy

Udemy allows professionals and instructors to create and teach several courses, esthiology included. 

Although Udemy is not an accredited institution, it is a trusted company that will help you learn and enhance skills.

Tuition: one-time fee for any course.


21. SkillShare

Skillshare offers hundreds of Cosmetology courses taught by licensed online professionals

SkillShare is also not an accredited institution but also provides a medium to learn a thing from anywhere. 

Tuition: Membership Subscription and one-time payment for any course


How to Become a Licensed Esthetician Online

Even though there are numerous establishments in which a student can enroll in an esthetician program, learning online can be a smart decision for someone who wants to become a licensed esthetician. Estheticians provide numerous essential spa treatment services including exfoliation, waxing, and skin revitalization. They also guide clients on how to correctly take care of their skin, and where need be, may refer the client to a dermatologist.

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How to Become a Licensed Esthetician 

Many learners with an interest in skincare can sign up for an esthetician program, however, some requirements must be met. This includes getting a high school diploma or GED. It’s also important for students to have some basic competency in reading and mathematics. In general, online esthetician programs are targeted at adults, though in most schools, students who are at least 16 years of age can get registered.


Before taking practical lessons, students must cover the theory part of the course. The theory covers a lot of what you may be required to do as a professional esthetician, and the practical sections encompass numerous procedures including:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Facial massage
  • Masks
  • Day and evening make up application
  • Make-up for men
  • Manicure and pedicure

The good thing about registering for an esthetician course online is that you can learn from any location; you do not have to attend the lessons in person.

Before you sign up, it’s important to confirm the total costs of the course upfront. Other than that, once you get enrolled, you should aim to create contact with those already in the industry since these connections will be very useful once you complete your studies.


What Does Online Esthetician Training Involve?

The courses offered in esthetician schools vary; some focus on cosmetology while others lean toward skincare. Therefore, it’s essential for someone who wants to become an esthetician to decide on what they want to concentrate on. If you are uncertain of what to go for, you can talk to salon managers or workers to guide you on what to do.

The online esthetician training programs can cover different aspects including:

  • A foundation in skincare
  • Makeup application
  • Hair removal
  • Cosmetic chemistry
  • Color theory
  • Human anatomy
  • Physiology

Depending on where you enroll, you can find a job upon completion of the program. Even so, just like other schools, an online institution will require you to take part in some level of hands-on training in the form of an internship. At this time, you can get a chance to experience what it feels like to work in a salon or a spa as a professional aesthetician.


The Benefits of Taking an Esthetician Course Online

Online courses can offer many benefits to students, but the biggest factor is the ability to do school from anywhere. However, if you do esthetics school online, you may not receive the in-person learning that is necessary to understand client relations. Online esthetician courses have opened doors for many, particularly for those who would otherwise be too busy to attend class. In this regard, the only thing that may come your way is you; this means you have to commit yourself to complete the program and get an esthetician license.


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