APPLY: 2022 Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) Scholarship for Innovative Students  

2023 Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) Scholarship for Innovative Students  

We empower the next generation of innovators and thinkers to create a sustainable future through the Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) scholarship program.

Our scholars are outstanding students from developing countries who study sustainable energy development. The demand for globally-oriented practitioners and researchers is on the rise today.

Through our unique scholarship program, we cultivate the next generation of energy, climate, and electricity sector experts who will prepare them to meet the challenges of the future.


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Scholarship Summary

Host: Alliance of Leading Global Electricity Companies 

Study Abroad: Any Country of Choice 


Category: Postgraduate Scholarships | Masters Scholarships 

Eligible Countries: All Developing Countries 

Reward: Full Scholarship | 10,000 USD Per year


Deadline: April 11, 2022

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Scholarship Details:

At the heart of the electrification revolution, we represent a CEO-led alliance of global electricity companies. As a means to reach global development and climate goals, we promote cleaner power generation, energy efficiency, and electrification.


Scholarship Requirements:

To be eligible for this scholarship, prospective applicants must:

  • Undertake master’s-level studies in the fields of zero-carbon energy, smart grids, electric transportation, energy storage, advanced electricity technologies, public policy, economics, law, political science, or other relevant fields.
  • Pursue full-time studies for at least one full school year (two or three semesters), beginning in autumn 2022. Students in the second year of a two-year program are eligible to apply, provided that they meet this requirement.
  • Please note that the scholarship is not retroactive. It will cover tuition fees and living expenses for the year 2022-2022.
  • Be a citizen of a developing country/territory on the List of official development aid recipients identified by the Development Co-operation Directorate (DAC) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
  • Be committed to contributing to their home country’s development after their studies 
  • Be an outstanding student
  • Graduates with excellent grades in the top 20% of their class
  • Is committed to sustainable energy development
  • Has a history of community involvement
  • Is determined to advance their knowledge and understanding

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The academic panel ensures that the yearly selection respects geographical and gender diversity. 


Supporting studies in developing countries

To support developing countries in building local expertise, GSEP will allocate a share of its scholarships to students pursuing master’s studies at universities based in developing countries. 

Scholarship Duration and Reward

The Education for Sustainable Energy Partnership (ESED) program offers scholarships to a dozen students every year of a maximum value of 10,000 USD per year of study for a maximum of 2 years. 


Required Documents

You must provide an electronic copy of all the documents listed below. In cases where your original documents are not in English, we require a certified translation of the document along with a copy of the original document.  

  • Passport (photo page only) or birth certificate
  • Curriculum vitae detailing your education, work experience (if applicable), awards, and participation in volunteer and/or extracurricular activities
  • Admission letter from your university program of choice:
  • Upload a copy of your official letter of admission from the university. Please note that each applicant can only submit the admission letter from their top choice of the university program. 
  •  If this application is for the second year of a two-year program, please include proof of enrollment, as well as a copy of the official letter of admission. These should be uploaded together in one document. 

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Program outline

  • Upload an outline of the curriculum or the courses you will be taking for your master’s program. You may alternatively share the URL of a webpage detailing your program of choice. 

University transcript(s)

  • Upload a copy of your complete university transcript(s).
  • If this application is for the second year of a two-year master’s program, please include your transcript for your first year.

Two reference letters or forms: 

  • At least one of the references must be from an academic referee. An academic referee must be a faculty member or professor at your current or previous university who knows your academic abilities. You need to provide a completed copy of the Academic Reference Form. The form must be completed in English and signed by the referee.
  • The second referee may either be another academic referee (as detailed above) or a personal referee. A personal referee should be a person (e.g. employer, supervisor, mentor, coach) who can discuss other personal qualities or interests that make you specially qualified to receive the scholarship. This referee cannot be a family member. Should you go with the personal referee, the reference letter needs to be in letter form (with official letterhead of the referee’s organization, if possible), written in English, and must be dated and signed by the referee. Please make sure that the referee includes your full name in their letter.

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Method of Application

1. Fill in and prepare all the required documents

2. Create an account to access the online form

3. Fill in the application form and upload all required documents


4. Submit your application



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