Grocery Clerk Part-time Job for International Students

Grocery Clerk

The part time job as an international student is a great way to make some extra money while you are studying. A Grocery Clerk inspires customers through delightful conversations and good knowledge of the products for sale.

Grocery Clerk It gives you a chance to meet new people, build your network, and maybe even save up some money for that trip abroad.

The best part is that there’s a plethora of jobs out there you can work part-time while studying full time. Check out these jobs below:


Other Part-time Job Opportunities for International Students

  1. Event Coordinator

Event coordinators are in charge of everything from managing the schedule of events to planning the venue and catering.

They need to be organized, take initiative, and be able to multitask at all times. This type of job is perfect for a student who loves working with people and likes being busy all day long!

  1. Tutor

Tutors help students learn English or another language by teaching them how to speak it better or answering their questions about the language itself.


If you have experience tutoring others, then this could be another great option for making extra money while continuing your studies!

  1. Food Server

Food servers serve food in restaurants, cafes, bars or anywhere else where there might be food available

Grocery Clerk Student as a part time job in Canada

The grocery clerk student is a student who specializes in the sales, stocking and management of grocery products.


Grocery Clerk students are also called “Grocery Stockers” or “Food Court Staff.” These students work in grocery stores and other retail outlets that sell groceries or food items.

This includes convenience stores, markets, and big-box retailers such as Walmart and Target.

In one store you may find a team of four clerks working together to meet the needs of customers.


You could be responsible for taking their order, stocking shelves, bagging groceries, ringing up sales and cashiering customers’ purchases.

You may also be responsible for organizing merchandise on the shelves and restocking them when needed.

Skills and Qualifications Needed for Grocery Clerk Student Part-time Job

You will be expected to have good customer service skills because you will be dealing with customers every day by taking their orders, stocking shelves and restocking as necessary.


Your ability to multitask will help you meet deadlines while also interacting well with others who come into contact with your store throughout the day.

 Steps to Becoming a Grocery Clerk

Getting your CV ready:

The first step in getting a part time job as an international student is to write a good CV. A CV is the most commonly used method of applying for jobs and internship.


Below are some tips on how to write a good CV:

  • Make sure that your CV is well-structured, organized and easy to read. Keep in mind that employers will spend less than a minute reading your CV so make sure it’s concise and easy to understand.
  • Make sure you include all the relevant information in each section of your CV. This includes name, contact details, education background, previous work experience and skills relevant to the job you’re applying for. For example: If you’re applying for an internship with an organization that requires law degree holders, it would be appropriate to mention this in your profile section or on your resume.
  • Write about yourself not about others (unless it’s about someone else). You should not talk about why you want this particular job or intern position instead of others as this may adversely affect your chances of getting hired or being selected for an internship position.

 Requisite Qualifications for a Grocery Clerk

If you are a student and are looking for part time jobs, then grocery clerk is one of the best options.

Grocery clerks help customers to choose the products they want by giving them advice on what they can buy.


They also help customers in making payments and paying bills. Grocery clerks also have to collect money from customers and pay it to their suppliers.

Here are some requirements that you should meet in order to become a successful grocery clerk:

  • You should have a good knowledge of English language. The customer will be asking you questions about the product and its price, if you don’t know how to answer their questions then it will be difficult for you to work as a grocery clerk. So make sure that you know English well enough so that you can easily communicate with your customers.
  • You should have good communication skills. This means that you must be able to understand what your customers want and need from them. Also, being able to talk confidently with different people is important too because sometimes there might be other people working at the store who aren’t familiar with English too so communication skills are important for any person working at retail stores such as this one.
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Have some retail experience
  • Be able to work in the evening, weekends and holidays.

 Responsibilities of a Grocery Clerk

  • Picking up the groceries after they are delivered.
  • Check the balance of the customer’s account, and pay the money to her if there is any.
  • Checking all the products in the shopping cart if it needs to be restocked. If it needs to be restocking then make sure that you do not run out of stock or have empty shelves at any time during this period.
  • Preparing the same for customers who come during late hours of night or early morning hours (if it is before 11 am).
  • Sorting products according to size, color or price before placing them on shelves.
  • Placing products according to size, color or price before placing them on shelves.
  • Stocking shelves with products at the proper location.
  • Keeping the store clean and orderly at all times by ensuring that all merchandise is kept in order.

Salary range

The salaries of all employees are based on their qualifications, experience, and education. The average annual salary for a Grocery Clerk part time job is $22,766.


A Grocery Clerk part time job can range from $12 to $50 per hour or higher depending on skills and experience.

Employees who earn less than $18 per hour can receive food stamps and Medicaid benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

In some states, employees who earn between US$21 and US$24 per hour may be eligible for Medicaid benefits through a state health insurance exchange called an exchange.


Final Thought

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