How To Make Money As A Single Stay At Home Mom

How To Make Money As A Single Stay At Home Mom

Every mom wants to take adequate care of her child/children, and being a mother is a blessing. Every mother wants to provide for her child’s needs and give them the best of everything, but this is nearly impossible without money.

Every woman aspires to be financially independent in addition to getting support from a man. Single moms are especially in need of financial independence.
I have outlined some things you as a single mom can do to get a lot of cash or enough to take care of your needs.
You must have come across an article like this one before now and you might think they are all the same and after reading all those articles, non has worked for you.

Well, permit me to clear your doubt, select an option from the list of options provided in this article, and put it to practice. You’ll in no time begin to make money for yourself.


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Tips On How To Make Money As A Single Stay At Home Mom

Be Ready To Work

It is not enough to say you want to make money or be financially independent. The question is, are you ready to work? Let go of all laziness and be eager to fend for yourself and kid(s).

Invest In Yourself

As someone who wants to make cool cash, you must be willing to invest in yourself. There’s a saying ” the best investment you can ever make is investing in yourself “. Are you ready to invest your time? How about little money?


Acquire A Skill

You can make money by just doing something you love or know how to do very well. Several skills can be acquired these days and at low prices too.

Make Your Research

You can’t make money by merely waiting for money. You have to go get it. Make your research, look for things you can do both online and offline, part-time or full-time.

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How You Can Make Money As A Single Stay At Home Mom

1.) Babysitting

It might sound crazy but Babysitting could fetch you a reasonable amount of income. All you need do is inform parents in your neighborhood that you can babysit their children at your place while they are away.

You don’t need to go babysit at their house. They can always bring their children to your place before they head to work.
Since you are a mom yourself, taking care of a child should not be difficult for you, right?

2.) Cook & Deliver

This is another means by which you can earn money for yourself. Cooking is quite an easy task. Improve on your cooking skills and deliver to others at a cost of your choice.


The fun thing about “cook & deliver” is that you can do cook in the comforts of your home, in your kitchen. Be your boss and use recipes of your choice except there’s special customer demand.

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3.) Typing

Do you know you can make a lot of dollars from typing? There are several platforms you can log in to where you can get typing jobs.


An example of such a platform is Fiverr. It is very popular and there are lots of testimonies from people who have benefitted from typing on Fiverr.
Another platform like Fiverr is Upwork and a host of others. Do well to check them out, you’ll be glad.

4.) Vlogging

Learn to utilize the Internet. All you need to become a vlogger is a camera, a YouTube channel, and access to the Internet. You can use your phone if you do not have a camera.

Don’t know what to vlog about? Why not vlog about parenting, your cooking recipes, your craft, and so on. Get your content together, attract people to view your videos, then you can begin to monetize your vlog.


5.) Start-Up A Laundry Business

This might seem like a lot but money must be made! You can do this in your corner. You do not need to start up big. You’re the boss! You decide when you want to wash and when you do not.

Get the basic things you need, water & soap. Inform those in your neighborhood, let them know they can bring their clothes to you at your place.

Ensure you satisfy your customers. It is only a satisfied customer that would come back again for your services and even refer you to others.


All of the things listed above are possible, you just have to start. The moment you do, you will begin to get income even enough to establish or make your business big.

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