The Red Bull Student Marketeer Program in Canada

Red Bull Student Marketeer

The aim of the Red Bull Student Marketeer program for international students in Canada is to reach new consumers, excite university students, increase sales, and manage the brand at their campus.

What Type of Work is the Red Bull Student Marketeer Program? 

The Red Bull Student Marketeer Program for International Students in Canada is a part-time job.

More About the Red Bull Student Marketeer Program

  • A complete job description
  • college enrollment
  • English proficiency
  • Permanent, Temporary

The Red Bull Student Marketeer programs are part of the world’s most vibrant and powerful program of brand and product ambassadors.


They are in charge of promoting the brand image and product understanding on their campus and in their area, and they are aware of Red Bull’s target market.

The Student Marketeer program aims to grow sales, engage college students, reach new consumers, and manage the Red Bull brand on campus.

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To give consumers an unforgettable brand experience, this involves having direct contact with consumers and customers, inviting product trials, and working at Red Bull events.

Student marketers choose flexibility over a 9 to 5 schedule and enjoy working in an innovative environment.

Areas Where Your Strengths Can Be Used for the Red Bull Student Marketeer Program

All the duties we’ll entrust you with are:


Believe in Your Brand & Product

  • Engage in daily encounters with consumers or customers while living and breathing the brand’s personality features and company values to represent the brand in a premium manner.
  • Expand the user base by encouraging consumers to try Red Bull and to become aware of it by offering free samples at the appropriate time and place while skillfully responding to any inquiries from customers.
  • Create and carry out a unique campus strategy that engages students and brings the brand to life at the university.
  • Build a solid network by getting to know and keeping in touch with influential locals.
  • Utilize original content to increase brand interaction on your social media accounts. to provide a memorable brand, work at Red Bull events and supported events.

Become an Expert in Sales

  • Develop connections with regional sales account managers and make sure Red Bull is accessible and obvious in the store.
  • Open new Red Bull distribution locations on and off the campus of your university in cooperation with sales.
  • Utilize pertinent Red Bull resources to help sales accounts remember Red Bull.
  • Ensure flawless application of established shop standards.

Executive Excellence

  • In every aspect of your position, provide flawless execution and demonstrate a love for the little things.
  • Regular face-to-face and online communication allows you to cooperate and share ideas with the team.
  • Plan and accurately report your activities using the dedicated online platform.
  • By sharing local ideas and trends, you can help the Red Bull media business grow.
  • Your knowledge and expertise areas
  • College enrollment
  • Enthusiastic about the Red Bull product and brand
  • Superior communication abilities
  • Energizing, upbeat, optimistic, and extroverted personality
  • Having a solid awareness of the collegiate environment, the city, and the region, including behind-the-scenes activities and hotspots
  • Incredibly personable and sociable, with the capacity to connect with various people on various occasions.
  • Include an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative attitude, as well as a strong sense of responsibility and initiative.
  • Possessing the capacity to balance part-time employment with education and, ideally, being available to work some weekends and evenings
  • A liking for and a willingness to learn and use a variety of new talents, especially those related to marketing, negotiating, and sales
  • A complete, current driver’s license from Canada with a clean abstract
  • Available to work on weekends and evenings.

Final Thought on the Red Bull Student Marketeer Program

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