University of Calgary Scholarships for International Students

University of Calgary Scholarships

The University of Calgary Scholarships are fully funded scholarships for international students beginning their undergraduate studies at the university in the Fall term.

Read this post if you’re interested in receiving financial aid to study in Canada. In this article, we will define University of Calgary scholarships, discuss their advantages, and provide step-by-step instructions for applying in this post.

 Ignite Your Journey as a Scholar at Calgary University.


Welcome to a world where possibilities know no bounds, and dreams take flight on the wings of knowledge and ambition. Calgary University beckons you to embark on a transformative journey that will shape your future as a global visionary.

Recognized as a beacon of higher learning within the country, Calgary University stands tall among its peers. Its unwavering commitment to quality education, cutting-edge research, and fostering innovation has garnered national recognition.

With a harmonious blend of academic rigor and a vibrant student community, this institution strikes the perfect balance, creating an environment that fosters both intellectual growth and personal development.


At the heart of Calgary University’s mission lies its commitment to supporting and empowering international students. The university’s scholarship program acts as a beacon of hope, offering a transformative opportunity for exceptional individuals to realize their true potential.

University of Calgary ScholarshipsIn the following sections, we will delve into the details of Calgary University’s scholarships, exploring the scope of coverage, eligibility criteria, and the application process.

Whether you envision yourself conducting groundbreaking research, making a difference in your community, or becoming a trailblazer in your chosen field, Calgary University’s scholarships provide the stepping stones to turn your aspirations into reality.


Are you ready to embrace the adventure that awaits? Join us as we navigate the remarkable opportunities offered by Calgary University’s scholarships, and discover how you can ignite your journey as a scholar at this prestigious institution. The path to becoming a global visionary begins here, where dreams are nurtured, excellence is celebrated, and the world is yours to conquer.

About the Host University:

Calgary University stands as a beacon of academic excellence, renowned for its commitment to nurturing exceptional minds and providing a transformative educational experience. Rooted in a strong foundation of knowledge and innovation, the university strikes a perfect balance that sets it apart in the realm of higher education.

With a rich history and a steadfast commitment to quality, Calgary University has earned widespread recognition both nationally and internationally. It consistently ranks among the top institutions, drawing accolades for its cutting-edge research, distinguished faculty, and a vibrant academic community.


At Calgary University, excellence is not confined to the classroom alone. The university embraces a holistic approach to education, fostering an environment that encourages personal growth, leadership development, and cultural diversity. Students are empowered to explore their passions, engage in meaningful extracurricular activities, and contribute to the wider community.

The university’s commitment to striking the perfect balance extends beyond academic pursuits. Calgary University understands the importance of nurturing well-rounded individuals who are not only academically proficient but also socially conscious and globally aware.

With a focus on personalized attention and a supportive learning environment, Calgary University ensures that every student has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. The university’s distinguished faculty members are not only leaders in their respective fields but also mentors who guide and inspire students throughout their academic journey.


As you step onto the campus of Calgary University, you will immerse yourself in an environment that celebrates both intellectual curiosity and personal development. Here, you will find a vibrant and inclusive community of scholars, united by their shared commitment to excellence and their determination to make a positive impact on society.

Calgary University’s commitment to striking the perfect balance between excellence and recognition is a testament to its unwavering dedication to providing a world-class education. By choosing Calgary University, you are embarking on a transformative journey that will shape your future, equip you with invaluable skills, and open doors to endless opportunities.

Courses Offered at Calgary University

  1. Sciences and Engineering
  2. Business and Economics
  3. Humanities and Social Sciences
  4. Health Sciences
  5. Fine Arts
  6. Environmental Studies

Calgary University offers a wide range of courses across various disciplines, providing students with diverse options to pursue their academic interests and career aspirations. From sciences and engineering to business and economics, humanities and social sciences, health sciences, fine arts, and environmental studies, the university offers comprehensive programs designed to fuel intellectual curiosity and foster personal growth.


University of Calgary Scholarships Coverage

Calgary University’s scholarship program is dedicated to investing in the success of global visionaries who have the potential to make a significant impact in their chosen fields. These scholarships offer comprehensive coverage, ensuring that talented individuals can focus on their academic journey without financial burdens.

The scholarship coverage provided by Calgary University includes:

  1. Tuition Fees: The scholarships often cover the full or partial cost of tuition fees, relieving students of the financial burden associated with their educational expenses.
  2. Living Expenses: In addition to tuition fees, scholarships may also include a stipend or allowance to assist with living expenses such as accommodation, meals, and other daily necessities.
  3. Research Grants: Some scholarships offer additional funds for research projects, allowing scholars to explore their areas of interest and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.
  4. Travel Allowances: Certain scholarships may provide travel allowances, enabling students to participate in conferences, seminars, or study abroad programs, broadening their perspectives and enriching their academic experiences.
  5. Mentorship and Networking: Calgary University’s scholarship program often provides opportunities for mentorship and networking, connecting scholars with distinguished faculty members, professionals, and alumni who can provide guidance and support in their academic and career journeys.
  6. Additional Benefits: Depending on the specific scholarship, additional benefits such as access to specialized resources, internship opportunities, or professional development programs may be included to further enhance the scholars’ educational experience.

It is important to note that the exact coverage and benefits of each scholarship may vary. Applicants are encouraged to carefully review the details of the scholarships they are interested in to understand the specific coverage offered.


Calgary University’s commitment to providing comprehensive scholarship coverage demonstrates its dedication to nurturing and empowering talented individuals from around the world. By relieving the financial burden, the university allows scholars to fully focus on their academic pursuits, unlocking their potential and preparing them to become global leaders and change-makers in their respective fields.

Eligibility Criteria for the University of Calgary Scholarships

Calgary University’s scholarship program seeks to identify and support exceptional individuals who possess the drive, ambition, and potential to excel academically and make a positive impact in their respective fields. The eligibility criteria for these scholarships are carefully designed to ensure a fair and transparent selection process. Here are some key factors that may determine eligibility for Calgary University’s scholarships:

  1. Achievement: Demonstrated academic excellence is often a primary consideration for scholarship eligibility. Applicants with outstanding academic records, high-grade point averages, and noteworthy achievements in their academic pursuits are typically given preference.
  2. Leadership Potential: Calgary University values individuals who exhibit leadership potential and a commitment to making a difference in their communities. Active involvement in extracurricular activities, such as student organizations, community service, or leadership roles, can enhance the chances of scholarship eligibility.
  3. Field of Study: Some scholarships may be specific to certain fields of study or academic disciplines. These scholarships aim to support students who are passionate about their chosen fields and are dedicated to advancing knowledge and making significant contributions in those areas.
  4. Personal Statement: A well-crafted personal statement or essay is often required as part of the scholarship application. This provides an opportunity for applicants to showcase their motivations, aspirations, and how they align with the values and mission of Calgary University.
  5. Letters of Recommendation: Strong letters of recommendation from teachers, mentors, or professionals who can speak to the applicant’s academic abilities, character, and potential can greatly enhance the chances of scholarship eligibility.

It is important to note that specific eligibility requirements may vary depending on the scholarship program. Applicants are encouraged to carefully review the scholarship details and guidelines provided by Calgary University to determine their eligibility and to ensure they meet all necessary criteria.


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By seizing the opportunity to apply for Calgary University’s scholarships, eligible individuals can open doors to transformative educational experiences, access comprehensive financial support, and join a vibrant community of scholars and mentors who will nurture their intellectual growth and help them achieve their goals.

Applying for University of Calgary Scholarships: Steps to Success.

  1. Research: Explore available scholarships on the Calgary University website, noting their requirements and deadlines.
  2. Prepare: Gather necessary documents such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and personal statements.
  3. Review Eligibility: Ensure you meet the academic, leadership, and field of study criteria for each scholarship.
  4. Complete Application: Fill out the online form accurately, providing details about your education and achievements.
  5. Submit Supporting Documents: Attach required documents, including transcripts and recommendation letters.
  6. Proofread and Edit: Double-check your application and personal statement for errors and clarity.
  7. Submit: Send your completed application online before the specified deadline.
  8. Follow-Up: Check your email and scholarship account for updates and respond promptly if requested.
  9. Await Notification: Be patient as the committee reviews applications and notifies recipients within the specified time frame.
  10. Acceptance and Enrollment: If awarded a scholarship, follow instructions to accept and proceed with enrollment at Calgary University.

Adhere to scholarship guidelines, submit on time, and stay engaged for a chance to secure a scholarship and pave your way to success at Calgary University.


Additional Resources: Exploring Calgary University’s Official Website.

For comprehensive information about Calgary University, its programs, admission requirements, and campus life, visit the official website: HERE 

The official website serves as a valuable resource for prospective students, providing detailed insights into the university’s academic offerings, faculty profiles, research opportunities, campus facilities, student support services, and more. By exploring the website, you can gain a deeper understanding of what Calgary University has to offer and determine if it aligns with your educational and career aspirations.

Additionally, the website often contains specific sections dedicated to scholarships, where you can find additional details about available scholarships, their requirements, application deadlines, and any updates or announcements related to financial aid opportunities.


Make the most of your research by visiting the university’s official website to access a wealth of information and resources that will help you make an informed decision and navigate the application process smoothly.

Final Thought on the University of Calgary Scholarships

Calgary University opens its doors to aspiring global visionaries, offering a multitude of scholarships designed to ignite the spark of excellence and empower students to pursue their dreams. With a perfect balance of academic excellence and international recognition, Calgary University stands as a beacon of opportunity for those seeking a transformative educational experience in Canada.

With a scholarship program that provides comprehensive coverage, Calgary University ensures that talented individuals can focus wholeheartedly on their academic pursuits, unburdened by financial constraints. These scholarships go beyond covering tuition fees, extending support to encompass living expenses, research grants, travel allowances, mentorship, and networking opportunities.


The courses offered at Calgary University span diverse disciplines, catering to the passions and aspirations of students across sciences and engineering, business and economics, humanities and social sciences, health sciences, fine arts, and environmental studies. The university’s commitment to academic excellence is reflected in its exceptional faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a dynamic learning environment that fosters personal growth and intellectual curiosity.

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Calgary University scholarships are a gateway to unleashing your potential and making a lasting impact in your chosen field. By seizing this opportunity, you join a community of like-minded individuals, driven by the pursuit of knowledge and the desire to create positive change in the world.


The path to success begins with thorough research and understanding of the eligibility criteria and application process. Calgary University’s official scholarship website serves as a valuable resource, offering comprehensive information and direct access to the online application portal.

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